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What we really know about the past

Weekly Update, pt.1

So, inspired by numerous other blogs, I have decided to do a weekly round-up of links relating to archaeology (with a bit of other science thrown in).

Unlike other science and research blogs, I’m not going to critique or summarize these links. Their are great archaeology and anthropology research blogs out there and I don’t see my voice critiquing (or supporting) individual studies as contributing much more than these great researchers.

But I do come across interesting stories, so I’ll collect a few of them and put them up once a week. Sound good?

  • To start, I’m sure everyone is aware of the political news from Egypt. I’m personally all for it. Except that the Museum in Cairo got looted. Though some of them have been found since. Also there is reports of locals defending the museum, which I think is pretty cool.  It also appears that the Egyptian Minister of Antiquites is in some hot water now. Who says archaeology isn’t political?
  • Here is a really cool story of a young First Nations boy learning to count to 100. A good resource for teaching first Nations youth. Here it is translated into Blackfoot, making it the first Blackfoot math resource.

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