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What we really know about the past

(sort of) weekly update part 2

I come from a school where one of the department faculty has been arguing for really early maritime adaptation in North America, rather than the stereotypical Big Game Hunters that are so pervasive in our common view of early North Americans. So it’s not really a surprise to read about new evidence for this. But it’s nice. Then news about an extremely early child burial pops up and the whole thing begins to take more shape.


Make of it what you will, but Zahi Hawass says he’s not going to stay on as the Egyptian Antiquities Chief. He claims his resignation is in protests of the looting following the Egyptian protests but I posted in my last update about his wavering popularity. Though apparently he still has a few fans. While some people are asking him to stick around, others are accusing him of helping with the looting. He denies the accusations of course, and his history of trying to protect Egyptian Heritage seems to support this denial. I may not be his biggest fan, but I can’t see him doing it. Though I don’t know the facts. Regardless, the looting generated some serious losses and the antiquity trade needs to be stopped.


Two pieces of news about human culture and its evolutionary consequences for you. First, it turns out we’re still evolving and our culture has a huge impact on how. Basically we’re getting heavier. Although it doesn’t mean the dye is cast, it just means that our culture has a huge affect on our genetics. I think we all knew that, but its not science until we have some data on it.  The reverse is also true of course, as mating has an huge affect on culture- like giving us In-Laws. Which wasn’t that bad a thing, apparently.


And finally, following my post about Archaeology in Your Backyard, here is a video detailing some of the dangers of being an archaeologist. I know a few of these guys, and can confirm that sometimes your day just sucks. Like killer-bees-and-snakes sucks.

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