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What we really know about the past

(sort of) weekly update, part 3

Okay, first off, it has absolutely nothing to do with archaeology, but watch this:

Outstanding. And apparently quite accurate. Thanks to Phil Plait at Bad Astronomy for that one.

It’s a little late, but I thought this story about the Chotaw Nation helping out Ireland over 160 years ago was really cool.

The big news- mainly because I think it awesome- is that researchers in Minorca found an extinct giant rabbit.

That’s right- A Big Bunny. Just in time for Easter.

I first read about it here, but it was on April 1st, so I wasn’t to sure- but here is a link to the actual article and press release, dated March 22nd. So I guess its true. Big rabbits did live on Earth. And the world is a better place for knowing that.

This is a neat bit of info about Canadian History and new technology being used in archaeology. Though it would have been better if he had written “Simon Fraser wuz here” or “Simon loves his Lady”.

In my on-going heavy-handed attempt to reinforce the idea that our ideas and concepts of the past are affected by the political and cultural present; I present to you a very obvious example from China.

Building on the piece I wrote about archaeology in your backyard, here are two (1,2) examples from my backyard. The first is an article about the long history of occupation in Vancouver (going back 9,000 years), while the second is about the efforts of the Huu-ay-aht First Nations to create a cultural tourism site out of 300 year old village.

In case all this talk of politics and archaeology is boring you, here is a story about a violent ritual killing from Iron Age Britain. Good stuff.

Following up on other past posts: new research from New Mexico suggests that chocolate (well… cacao) was traded from Central Mexico to the Southwest U.S.A. Making chocolate a long-standing international trade item. I wonder if it was fair-trade?

This was probably just an excuse to light things on fire and wave them around. But a good solid excuse. Well done. I wish I had been part of this experiment.

Finally, here is a great piece on being a scientific consultant in Hollywood.

Now, I need to go eat.






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