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(sort of) Weekley Update, part 4

Well, here we are. Another week, another series of updates about stuff I find interesting.

I have an ongoing mental list of projects I believe people started just because they liked the location. Here is one about an excavation in a pub that I feel meets said criteria. Also, I have found a reason to buy an iPad. Now I need a grant.

Speaking of cool locations, cave-diving researchers have found what they think might be a 10,000 year old skull in the Yucatan. Very, very cool.

Here is a very good example of how scientist need to be careful of how they speak to the press. Watch what you say and how you say it, or you end up with stories about a gay caveman. To be fair, there has been some follow up press about how it was incorrectly reported. I suspect I will have to write about societies with more than two genders soon. It’s quite interesting.

Facial reconstruction may not be the most accurate thing in the world- but it sure looks cool.

Speaking of cool- this appeals to basically every part of who I am. Lego, history, and being a giant nerd.

Finally, Lewis Binford died this week. I posted this to facebook, and called him the Ron Burgundy of Archaeology. I meant that he “was kind of a big deal”- but he shared other characteristics with the Anchor Man. He was pompous, charismatic, either loved or loathed, and almost always ready to fight. I don’t know a professional archaeologist who doesn’t have an opinion about the man. Sit four archaeologists down and I assure you that one of them has a personal story about the guy. He was a titan, and changed the face of archaeology.

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