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Father’s Day!

Well, yesterday was Father’s day.

So here is some fun facts about this particular celebration of the guy who donated half his chromosomes to our existence. Or maybe not. Maybe the guy who donated most of his time to raising us, regardless of our genetic attachments. Either way. Go Dads!

According to the font of all wisdom, Wikipedia, the very first Father’s Day was observed in West Virginia on July 5, 1908. The day was intended as a memorial to the 210 fathers who died in the  Monongah Mine disaster. It was organized by Mrs. Grace Golden Clayton but never took off as early event. Instead, Sonora Dodd’s Father’s Day celebration two years later in Spokane, Washington is credited as the first sanctioned Father’s Day celebration.

A congressional bill in 1913 sought to make it official, but it took over 60 years until the holiday became officially recognized.

There you go- an incredibly short history of father’s day. Not very well researched, I’ll admit, but something I was curious about and thought I’d share.

Don’t worry, I got a better one coming up about the Solstice.

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